Daily fresh shoes? The MS-DS100 Deodorizer from Panasonic makes it possible!

May 2019: A Japanese company has just decided to launch to the market a great solution for the problem of humid, smelly shoes. This is something every person suffers from, no matter how clean or tidy they are. This Shoe Dryer, then, comes as a big solution today.

We had been expecting it for a few months, and now within hours, the Shoe Dryer is already very popular among clients.


Praised by most housewives and men who live alone, this amazing Shoe dryer his almost sold out. The demand for this product is so hight that they had to increase their rhythm of production in the last few weeks.

«Premium quality» shoe dryer, a great solution for everyone

Without any doubts, shoes are one of the most important clothing items. There is a great variety of them in terms of type, shape, and color. Shoes, then, can be comfortable, warm, elegant, and sexy. Unfortunately, if they have a bad smell, then they can be quite the contrary. That foul smell is not a sign of lack of hygiene, but it appears because of humidity and other factors. One great way of eliminating the smell is to put the shoes outside for the sun to dry them. Still, this is not a great strategy because there might be not enough sun, especially during winter.

Luckily, you won’t have to think about this anymore. Now, you will have the chance to have your shoes renewed and without odors with the Panasonic MS-DS100, an amazing device that is coming soon to the local market. You will not have to spend on any chemical product or other fishy alternatives, just use this show dryer.  The creator of this revolutionary product claims «I’m a true show lover, but I had never appreciated the smell that they have when we use them for too long. And there was nothing I could do to change that situation. That is why I came up with the idea of this device so that I (and many others!) can take advantage of just using a small product to dry our shoes and forget about this inconvenience. Of course, we have a team of absolute professionals working behind it, to make the best product available in the market for a very affordable price. Our next step, then, will be to get to other international markets who also need this product.»

Panasonic Shoe Dryer came to revolutionize the market

This device is going to change the way you dress!

It’s true that many other companies have worked with the concept of air purifying, especially to eliminate smell after cooking in reduced spaces, for example. Now, Panasonic has adapted that technology to the shoe industry to make our lives better. Apart from working with the air in one room, it works with shoes. For that to happen, you will need to insert the device inside the shoes and turn it on. After that, it will release a lot of ions that will be distributed among 6 different ways out for it to reach every corner of the shoe or trainer. That is how effective elimination of smell is achieved. In terms of how long it takes, there are two programs a person can choose. These last between 5 and 7 hours. This is why the recommended period of use is during the night.

If you use it at home, you will be pleased to know that the energy requirements are very low, so your electricity bill won’t be high, saving you a great amount! Finally, it contains portable batteries, which makes it a perfect addition for the device. You will be able to take it wherever you want, for example, if you have a business trip and you need to have a flawless image and smell.

To recap, the Panasonic Shoe Dryer has the following features:

  • Can be used with any time of shoe
  • Has great quality and will last for years
  • Uses technology to keep shoes dry
  • It’s small and easy to transport
  • Great battery life
  • Very good pricing

99% of users would recommend Panasonic MS-DS100 shoe dryer to their friends and family

«I have bought my shoe dryer a week ago and I’m terribly happy with it. It’s very efficient and wastes no energy. I usually leave it on at night, so in the morning I have fresh, dry shoes to wear!» claims Mary.

«The product is very good. I wasn’t sure if to buy it or not because I didn’t know anyone else that owned the same device. However, I’m glad I did. The materials are robust and the design is light and portable. I travel a lot, so it will come in handy» John from London told us.

Who should use the Panasonic Shoe Dryer?

Anyone who wants to have a flawless appearance. Shoes are a big part of a person’s looks, and that shows a lot in professional people. As a result, this might be the best solution for people who are very busy but still want to have the best smell and looks that they can.

Where can I find this device?

It’s possible to find it online. Several stores sell it and have a very fast delivery rate. Just look for the best price available, because there are a number of promotions.

Follow these instructions:

1- First, look for the site who manufactures this product.

2- Buy the show dryer

3- Read the manual to learn how to properly use it.